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[content_box title=”Web Design” image=”” icon=”tablet” link=”http://www.acutweb.com/web-design-services/” linktext=”Learn More”]Acutweb provides creative and result driven web solutions including graphic design, data integration and custom programming to build a powerful web presence.[/content_box]
[content_box title=”Web Development” image=”” icon=”random” link=”http://www.acutweb.com/web-development/” linktext=”Learn More”]Our websites are a perfect fusion of superior visual appeal, detailed planning, seamless functionality and cutting edge technology.[/content_box]
[content_box last=”yes” title=”Marketing”  image=”” icon=”tint”  link=”http://www.acutweb.com/search-engine-marketing/” linktext=”Learn More”] We take your brand to the level of ubiquity by embedding the best SEO practices, keywords and the terms that search engines love.[/content_box]

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Clients Served


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Let’s work together to formulate the next big thing

Acutweb’s core team includes talented website designers, creative graphic designers, programmer ninjas, content crafters and internet marketing wizards. We cater to businesses of all sizes and provide the best web solutions to diverse industries.

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Our Web Design & Development Process

Each idea and concept is thoroughly researched before taking it to the realms of success

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Before starting the actual work, every detail is thoroughly contemplated and listed down.


Ideas are curated, conceptualized and put into wireframes. This is how we develop the initial prototype.


A concept is made tangible as an outstanding design.


Your ideas and our expertise are combined to deliver solutions lauded by all.


We are a passionate and dedicated Web Design Company

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Acutweb is a comprehensive web design and development agency, with the sole aim of delivering exceptional services that create a mark in the cluttered web marketplace. The ultimate shrine for agile, simple, refined and the best web designs, we’re experienced enough to transform your idea into a profit making venture.

Leave all your web related woes to us, we strategize, develop and implement solutions that afford universal visibility to all clients. Check out our portfolio to see some of our amazing works that span from startups to established corporate giants.

Our Portfolio

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See Some Of Our Latest Work!

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