Customizing Zoho CRM for a decade

As a Certified Zoho developer,We have been customizing Zoho CRM for a decade and making it suitable for various business needs.A raw Zoho Crm comes with predefined native module with no automation . We analyse the your business requirement and identify the necessary

  1. Custom Modules that need to be build
  2. Separate layout for Module for each service your business is offering
  3.  Required field dependencies
  4. Sub forms to add items
  5. Kind of validation rules your business needs
  6. Developing various custom views to filter that data
  7. Association of data using look up field and related list like linking campaign with leads,Course with Student and Vice versa
  8. Configuring Record ownership
  9. Developing custom deluge function for advance Business logic.

Zoho offers a great level of customization in every area here are few examples

1.Using Blueprint, We can define a sequence of stages in a process and can force team to follow the process

2.Usign Workflow,We can trigger the action like Email,task,field update, Webhook and custom Deluge fucntion

3.Using Command Center we can build complex process which can run through more than one module.

4. Approval Process helps us to create complex process to approve budgets,Invoice,Order,Paymenst,discounts,