Digitally signing documents with Aadhaar eSign via Zoho Sign


Integration of Zoho Sign with E-Aadhaar


ZOHO sign is the perfect way for organizations to sign, send, and manage official documents. This easy-to-use platform provides the highest data security and encryption level, making it the perfect choice for any business.

When you’re required to sign a document under the Information Technology act in India, make sure it adheres to the following points under the law:

  1. The electronic signature must be uniquely linked to the signatory.
  2. The signatory must have control over the signing key.
  3. Any alteration in the digitally signed documents should be detectable.
  4. The certificate should be issued by an authorized Certification Authority.

How secure is ZOHO Sign?

ZOHO Sign provides legally binding digital signatures that are valid worldwide. It complies with the latest e-signature laws, including ESIGN, EIDAS, UETA, and other international laws. It also adheres to data privacy and security regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, and The Information Technology Act 2000 of India.

Zoho Sign is the perfect tool for ensuring that your e-signatures are secure and in compliance with the law. Its robust features include:

  • Uses tamper-proof technology to protect e-signatures from being altered or forged.
  • Provides multifactor authentication and provides access control based on user roles.
  • Requires signatories to confirm their identity with a government-issued ID before signing.
  • Allows signatories to set up a personal PIN code to protect their e-signatures.
  • Provides Block chain time stamping and digital timestamping
  • Certificate of completion which contains document details like ID, name, and sender and receiver details thereby issuing a valid audit trail.
  • Zoho Sign issued certificate through Authorized CA.

E-signatures are just as safe as traditional signatures thanks to Zoho Sign’s security procedures, which assist in guaranteeing that only authorized parties have signed documents.

Where can businesses use the Aadhaar e-sign?

Different sectors can utilize Aadhaar e-signatures for a variety of things, including business agreements, e-filing taxes, invoices, pay stubs, etc. begins by saving you time. There’s no need to print paperwork, sign it, and then scan it back in. You may easily add your signature to a document electronically by using an e-signature. Additionally, they are safer than conventional signatures. You can be certain that your identity is safeguarded and that the document you’re signing can’t be tampered with by using an e-signature.

How to integrate ZOHO Sign with Aadhaar e-Sign?

The integration of Zoho Sign with e-Aadhaar allows Indian citizens and NRIs to digitally sign documents using their Aadhaar. This way of signing documents is legally binding and carries a recognized form of signature according to Indian law.

Pre-requisites for integration:

  • Valid ZOHO Sign enterprise subscription
  • Zoho Sign account must be in the Indian Domain
  • Enough Zoho sign credits –  2 Zoho Sign Credits will get used for each signing
  • Requires admin account for integration

Steps to integrate the Zoho Sign with Aadhaar eSign:

  1. Log in to the Zoho Sign dashboard. Go to Settings Integration
  2. Click the slider to turn on the Aadhaar e-sign option. This enables the integration between the two.
  3. For signing the document via e-aadhaar. Generate a document in Zoho Sign and send it to the signer. Signer do not need a Zoho Sign subscription to sign documents via Zoho Sign.
  4. Signer after filling necessary details, select the ‘Aadhaar e-sign’ option from sign via. Next, he’ll get a pop-up asking for confirmation. On Clicking Sign Document he’ll get redirected to the Aadhaar eSign window.
  5. Here signer needs to put his Aadhaar number or virtual ID(a temporary reworkable 16-digit random number mapped with an aadhaar number), then click the Get OTP button. The OTP is sent to the registered phone number associated with the entered Aadhaar number. Enter OTP and click Perform eSign to finish signing the document.

If you want to know more about how Zoho Sign and E-Aadhaar can work together, don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be more than happy to provide additional information and answer any questions you may have.

When it comes to signing official documents, Zoho Sign integrates with E-aadhaar to make things easier. However, that’s not the only CA that it offers integration with Uanataca, Singpass, and e-Mudhra are just some of the other CA’s that Zoho Sign can be used with. This makes it a versatile and convenient tool for anyone who needs to sign documents electronically.

If you need help implementing Zoho Sign, just reach out to us at We’re always happy to help Zoho fans!

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