What is ZOHO Campaign?

It is a powerful, user-friendly email marketing campaign software that automates your tasks to get in touch with your customers and leads. It helps you in engaging your recipients through different ways like polls, and surveys which in turn help your organization to understand audience choice and aids you further in planning marketing strategies.

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What do ZOHO Campaigns offer?

  • It’s the chosen best email marketing tool for Subscription Management. It allows the receiver to choose the email category for which they want to receive email thereby lessening the number of unsubscribes.
  • Create your own personalized automated marketing campaign with an autoresponder, just set different conditions and triggers, and let the ZOHO campaign take care of the rest.
  • Integrate your existing e-commerce store with Zoho campaign and run your store communications from this email marketing campaign platform.
  • Zoho campaign has its own gateway for SMS campaigns, so without the hassle of third-party integration, one can easily maintain consumers’ mobile numbers in the ZOHO campaign itself.
  • It has an automated Product Recommendation feature which includes “top selling”, “recently added”, frequently bought” etc, based on customers buying preferences, to get more conversions.
  • You can set up your email workflow to manage different actions. Also one can live edit workflows and changes will be reflected simultaneously.
  • Run AB test with ease to check which campaign is performing better than the other.
  • You can choose from numerous available templates based on different themes and design your email in no time. Also, one can import a template or can customize the basic format.
  • You can choose from free, standard, and professional subscriptions. Even the free plan is the most extensive one, where you get 6000 emails/month.
  • Report generation and real-time analytics help to get a deep dive into customers’ behavior and response. You can keep a check on click-through rate, unsubscribe, unopened and unique clicks, etc.
  • You can mark your campaigns on social media as well by posting them on various social sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. to increase your viewer reach.
  • Abides by email marketing laws and regulations to ensure the email doesn’t go into spam and helps to create a healthier relationship with the client.
  • Your email campaigns can be controlled while on the go through the mobile edition. With this, you can easily manage the campaign’s dashboard, bulk import contacts, and much more
  • The dynamic content feature will keep your audience more engaged, helps in targeting leads better, and improve conversion rate.
  • Integrates seamlessly with ZOHO CRM, Sales IQ, and other ZOHO in-house as well as third-party applications to make your campaigns more productive and robust.

Don’t worry if you are unfamiliar with implementing this toolkit. Our team of Zoho Campaign experts can help you make Zoho Campaigns Software work for you. Our Zoho consultant will thoroughly discuss with your marketing team to design your campaigns and our Zoho campaign developer will implement your drive, designing content, images, and CTAs, automating tasks, and much more so that your sales and marketing team can concentrate on sales of the company.

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