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Zoho CRM is a highly powerful, user-friendly, and cloud-based data repository that centralizes customer data from multiple sources. It is a power-packed CRM that uses Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Analytics to look at the behaviour and the activities within the pipeline .

ZOHO Campaign

Zoho Campaign is an effective, user-friendly email-marketing application that eases up the company’s efforts to engage effectively with customers. It helps reach global customers and nurture targeted audiences with respective relevant content. Apart from saving one’s time and effort.

ZOHO Inventory

Zoho inventory is a cloud-based inventory management application that aids in tracking sales, products, stock inflow, outflow, and product catalogs of companies. It manages the online business and integrates efficiently with various third-party e-commerce websites.

ZOHO Books

Zoho Books is a one stop cloud-based end-to-end accounting platform for managing the finances of businesses. It offers quite a user-friendly interface compared to other accounting software. It ensures all your business is GST-compliant and also handles budgets.

ZOHO Projects

Zoho Projects is a well-balanced cloud-based project management application that helps to plan and manage projects and keep track of other departments’ progress even if one is not present in the office. One can communicate anytime, anywhere with team members and clients.

ZOHO Creator

Zoho Creator is a rapid application development platform for creating custom applications for different business requirements. It provides widgets, Serverless Functions, APIs, application IDE and much more. One of its prominent features is its capability to create Mobile Applications.

Get a perfect CRM for your Business

Business Process Analysis

Our Zoho certified consultant will conduct a discover mapping session with you and will develop a blueprint explaining how your business can be mapped/automated using Zoho Products.

Zoho Customisation

Our team knows in and out of Zoho API, Pre-defined integrations with Zoho services, Workflows, Web hooks, Connections, SDKs, Web Apps so we can offer you the best advice if you project required any kind of Integration with in Zoho products or with any third party services.work swiftly. Read More…

Custom Portal

Zoho CRM, Zoho books, Creator offers anative client portal for customers but most of the time these native client portal does not fulfil the needs of business requirements so then it comes to development of custom portal for clients or staff..

Custom Reports & Dashboard

Our Certified ZOHO Developer have expertise to
understand your business need and customised various ZOHO modules to make them work swiftly and efficiently according to your requirements.

Data Migration

Data Migration is a real pain area if not handled properly but with our experts get it done from any database platform to ZOHO while maintaining Data Integrity and budget, and minimum disruption to ongoing business process.

ZOHO Creator App Development

Raw data is useless and spreadsheet is a cumbersome old school thing. Customised Dashboards and effortless instant Report Generation is need of an hour, to get access to systemised data and make most out of it.

ZOHO ONE Consultation

With proficiency in mapping your business process in ZOHO ONE eco system, we have excellent expertise in implementing different ZOHO products like ZOHO CRM, Books, Campaign, Recruit, Creator and Analytics etc. to manage your end to end business process.

Third Party Integration

We have gain an edge in developing Web and Mobile applications with low code platform ZOHO Creator, which are efficient in handling complex business processes and are integrated with other ZOHO products like ZOHO CRM, Books, Inventory etc.

Reap    Benefits For Your Business

We provide you with WEALTH OF BENEFITS by Centralizing, Streamlining and Optimizing your processes with world class technology of ZOHO and thereby increasing the overall Efficiency and Productivity of your business.

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Acutweb has gained an edge with a decade of experience in developing and delivering projects within time and budget We have a team of talented industry experts with deep knowledge of their respective fields.


We in Acutweb provide a free Discovery ZOOM Meeting to give a walkthrough of Zoho products and to understand your business and how it can be automated using Zoho.


Best industry practices
are followed herein
Acutweb to identify the
Who, What, Where, Why,
How and When of the
project before actually
starting it, to outline
business case.


As part of Business
process,Acutweb provides a 30 days free
technical support and a dedicated expert to explain the use of ZOHO system.