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ZOHO CRM Developer’s Skills & Responsibilities

  • With a deep knowledge of the ZOHO systems, Developer should be able to understand your Business Requirements, all in and out, and be able to map it to ZOHO systems.
  • Automate the business processes so that your teams get more productive by spending more time on selling and focusing on leads and less time doing administrative work.
  • Develop a scalable system, so that when your company grows and there will be multiple departments and teams, CRM should be sturdy enough to run seamlessly.
  • Zoho Developer should have a diverse portfolio so that his wealth of experience and knowledge allows him to better understand the needs of your industry and the challenges it faces.
  • Seamless integration of Zoho CRM with your business’s existing applications and software allows for clear and effective communication between them, thereby accommodating the diversity of your business.


Business Process

Our Zoho consultant will understand your project requirements & assign you to a developer with the necessary skills and industry experience. The developer will then thoroughly review your business process, understand your business cycle and provide you with a roadmap of how your needs will be met and implemented
in Zoho.


Based on your business process, our developers have industry-specific expertise in customizing existing as well as the new application. You can tailor a set of modules to your business, build relationships with modules, integrate with other applications or create flexible solutions for more efficient operations and greater customer satisfaction.

Custom Deluge

Every business is unique and not one solution fits all. Our Zoho Developers are profound knowledge and experience in building custom deluge functions to handle simple to complex scenarios. From workflow automation to integration with other applications, we provide highly efficient applications to enhance business productivity.


We offer a custom-made solution for migrating your system from any platform say Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive, etc to ZOHO CRM seamlessly, along with paying close attention to data integrity. We ensure that data is migrated accurately by mapping import files to Zoho modules and columns to module fields, without affecting the current business process.

CRM Canvas

You can not only customize your business functionality but also your custom portal. We provide you with a customized layout of CRM records, where you can decide on colors, fonts, alignments, and background images for more attractive and organized looks. This will improve visibility for key sections and declutter your page, thereby saving search time.


Our developers have extensive experience in integrating an existing as well as new system with third-party applications and other ZOHO applications. We offer services to integrate your existing system with other services, you are currently using like Quickbooks, Zendesk, Xero, MailChimp, Microsoft Office 365, Google Workspace, and many others.

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